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Easy and affordable music licensing for your projects! If you‘re looking for a professional royalty-free music library for your media, check out my Soundpacks! + No registration required. + No Point/Credit system. + Simple pricing and personal  eMail ordering. + One Composer, one contact for all questions. + Just one license type. + Worldwide usage. + No additional fees. Just write me an Email to order your music. You can download and check out all of my Soundpacks before you order something.*   * The quality of the mp3 demos is limited. If you purchase the music you will receive the music in full CD quality. The usage of the mp3 demos is prohibited.
Permanent  License Use the audio files for all of your upcoming projects. License will be issued to a person and/or a company.
Single Tracks:
Complete Pack:
Order ALL 50  Soundpacks for all your upcoming projects ! 699,00 €* This is 13,98 € per Soundpack!  
1 Track: 15,00 €*
 From 3 Tracks: 12,00 €* / per Titel
 From 10 Tracks: 9,00 €* / per Titel
1 Soundpack: 29,00 €*
From 3 Soundpacks: 24,00 €* Per Soundpack
From 10 Soundpacks: 18,00 €* Per Soundpack
You want to purchase the Complete Pack but you already licensed some music? Write me a message and I‘ll make you an individual upgrade offer.
*quantity discount only within actual order. *Pricing for download. CD/DVD shipping + 5,00 € fee.
I also produce individual music for your media. Please visit my composer-website.
Any questions? Just write me a message or call.   01520 19 10 884